Question Of The Week!

This week's question of the week: Q: I see on these plant cards something that refers to "Zones". What does it mean? A: It is the standard to determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location. For example, you can plant most plants that can be planted in zone 6 or below and for the most part, they are perennials, which means they come back every year. You may find plants at a local nursery that are zone 7 or higher. They can still be planted in Santa Fe, but only as an annual, which means they would have to be replanted every year. Santa Fe County is between Zone 5-6, depending on which part of the County you live in. Send all your questions our way!

Phil's Favorite 09/29/2017

As you prepare for the winter, don’t forget to prepare for Spring as well. Now through November is the best time to plant tulips and other spring bulbs. Tulips and spring bulbs grow best in a sunny location that is not too damp. Amend the soil with compost or your favorite organic matter, before planting the bulbs. Put some bone meal or bulb food in the hole before you plant. Large tulip bulbs should be planted in 6-8 inch deep holes, depending on what type of bulb you are planting while smaller tulip bulbs should be planted in 5 inch deep holes. The bulbs should be set with the pointed end up before the soil is packed back on top. All you have left is to wait for the burst of color in the s

Transformation Tuesday 09/26/2017

Our clients had an area that most people thought was the entrance to the front door, which in fact led to the patio off the master bedroom. We wanted to make it more pleasing to look at and screen the driveway entrance. After terracing the area with moss rock, planting trees, shrubs and perennials, we topped it off with a bark mulch and a gravel pathway that leads to the front entrance. It has now become the main area to entertain guests. Call us at 505-471-6403 to find out what we can do for your landscaping needs.

Question Of The Week!

Have a question? Send us a message and we will choose a question to showcase every week! This week's question: Q: Can we plant Russian Sage now or wait until next spring? If yes, where should we plant it? A: Plant it in an area that is self-contained. Our experience with Russian sage is it gets to be very invasive. Even if you use a weed barrier, it will find the smallest tear, even a break in the concrete and start to root. We have substituted planting Russian sage with Blue mist spirea (Caryopteris). Send us your questions!

Phil's Favorite 09/22/2017

Need new planting ideas? Check out every Friday for Phil's Favorite! This week: Moonshine Yarrow (Achillea) Zone 3-9, blooms summer-early fall 24-30" tall, 18'24" wide. Loves hot dry locations. Adapts well to soil and water needs and is rabbit/deer resistant. Looks great planted with May Night Salvia, catmint, Red Daylilly, or White Coneflower. Have a great weekend!

Transformation Tuesday 09/19/2017

Every Tuesday, we are going to showcase our completed projects with before and after pictures. We are extremely proud of our portfolio and want to share these amazing transformations with you! Here's our first Transformation Tuesday: Our clients wanted an old swimming pool, covered with back-fill and concrete, transformed into a usable area for entertaining. After removing the concrete, the area was prepped with soil suitable for planting. A flagstone patio was installed along with Xeric plants. The remainder was covered with a Sunset Rose gravel. Our finished product: a simple, yet beautiful and intimate entertaining area. Give us a call if you want something this gorgeous in your backyard!

New Happenings At Desert Rose

For 19 Years, Desert Rose Landscape & Maintenance has been providing landscaping and general ground maintenance services to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Desert Rose grew out of Phil Madrid’s own passion for tending to roses in his yard, which translated well to assisting Santa Feans with maintaining beautiful spaces in our New Mexico desert. Phil has seen quite a bit of change over the past 19 years and continues to grow and evolve Desert Rose Landscape & Maintenance with new trends, both when it comes to planting design as well as with involvement in the community. Our new online updates will allow us to better showcase our services and show you how you can have a happy habitat! Desert Rose Landsc

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