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Phil's Favorite 09/29/2017

As you prepare for the winter, don’t forget to prepare for Spring as well. Now through November is the best time to plant tulips and other spring bulbs.

Tulips and spring bulbs grow best in a sunny location that is not too damp. Amend the soil with compost or your favorite organic matter, before planting the bulbs. Put some bone meal or bulb food in the hole before you plant.

Large tulip bulbs should be planted in 6-8 inch deep holes, depending on what type of bulb you are planting while smaller tulip bulbs should be planted in 5 inch deep holes. The bulbs should be set with the pointed end up before the soil is packed back on top. All you have left is to wait for the burst of color in the spring!

Side note: Bulbs rot with too much moisture. They need just enough water to generate roots and get growing. The trick is to grow bulbs in well-drained soil. They will utilize the water they need and any excess moisture should drain away if planted properly.

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