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Question Of The Week 01/06/2017

This week's Question Of The Week addresses a common misconception:

Q: We had gravel placed in our yard and a weed barrier was also installed but we still got weeds. I thought that was the purpose of the weed barrier, to prevent weeds?

A: You are correct, a weed barrier is used to prevent weeds - not eliminate them.

What happens is even though there is a weed barrier, seeds from weeds still land on top of the weed barrier and therefore, can still grow. The seeds can come from all sorts of places from birds, wind or even the neighbor’s yard.

The difference is these are surface weeds that be can easily be pulled since they are rooted above the weed barrier and not in the dirt.

It’s like buying a brand new car; it’s nice and pretty when you first get it, but it still needs maintenance to continue to look good. If you don’t have time to maintain that newly installed landscape, give us a call and we can talk different strategies to keep that new car look :).

Continue sending us all your questions! We love answering them.

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