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Question Of The Week 03/31/2018

Question of the Week!

Q: I normally cut back my Chamisa and Russian Sage in the Fall. I didn’t have time to do it. Can I still cut them back now?

A: Great question. There is no one-type-fits-all pruning method.

That being said, now is actually the right time to cut them back, however, in the past 20 years of being in the landscape business, we have always cut them back in the late fall/early winter with great success the next growing season.

If you have Chamisa or Russian Sage that is unruly and overgrown, it could be pruned to about one or two inches above the ground. This allows them to "grow more vigorously and with better shape instead of being so “woody".

We actually had a client tell us that they think we killed the plant by cutting it so short as recommended above, but they are happy that we did when it grew back lusciously the next season.

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