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Question of the Week 06/16/2018

Q: I have installed a water softener in my house. I water my plants with water that runs through the water softener. Will this hurt my plants?

A: Gardens typically cover large areas and require a lot of water for hydration. In some cases, it will kill your plants. You want to avoid long-term use of softened water in your garden. Over time, the salts in softened water become toxic to garden plants. These salts build up, causing a breakdown in the soil structure. Clay soils are especially vulnerable to the sodium in soft water.

Indoor plants are most vulnerable. You may want to consider having a separate line to the outside tap installed by a plumber. This outlet allows you to water plants, trees, and landscape with untreated water, but still, enjoy all the benefits of softened water in the home.

However, there are some types of water softeners that do not use salt; they use Chelation process. Best advice, before installing a water softener in your house, do your research to find out the effects it will have on your garden.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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