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Transformation Tuesday 05/21/2019

This project was fun to work on since it was a completely blank slate. "Make it look nice", was the only directions we got from the client.

We quickly went to work designing this simple, clean, but lush looking yard. First, a mossrock flowerbed was installed to give the yard an area dedicated to shrubs and plants. We planted three Miscanthus grasses for height along the wall and filled in the other areas with low growing plants.

Different varieties of yarrows keep the look uniform but also added different colors to the landscape. In addition, we mixed in some lavenders, catmint, and tickseed for different colors and textures. Three groupings of multi-stemmed aspens were planted in front of the bathroom window for privacy, as well as to balance out the plants in the yard.

We finished the yard by adding 3/8" Rose Brown everywhere except the mossrock flower bed. The flowerbed was filled with a few inches of bark mulch to help conserve water, reduce weeds, and complete the look of the yard.

We hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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