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Transformation Tuesday 06/25/2019

Today, we take a look at a property that had a gravel walkway lined with bricks and wild vegetation for the front yard. Our clients wanted something lush but low maintenance with a clear cut flagstone pathway from the gate to the front door.

We started by removing the gravel pathway and brick, then worked our way through removing all the wild vegetation. The dirt was raked and leveled out.

Next, we planted pink Texas Sage, Catmint, Blue Mist Spirea, Russian Sage and Mugo Pines, as well as several types of grasses. All the plants selected have different bloom times, so this yard will have color from spring to fall. In addition to all these plants, we also installed an irrigation system.

For the flagstone, we went with a light color for the steps to give the yard a crisp, clean look. Weed barrier was laid down and the yard was finished with 3/8" gravel.

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