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Transformation Tuesday 07/09/2019

This Transformation Tuesday is part one of a two-part series. The house was newly built and in need of some landscaping. Our client wanted something eye catching but low maintenance.

Phil wanted to make a colorful flower bed in the corner of the yard since it is the first thing you see from the back porch. We created a semi-circle moss rock border and began planting.

Karl Forester was planted in the corner so the stalks would create nice height, without the bulkiness of a shrub or tree. We added a honeysuckle on each side to create a balanced, green vegetation on the fence.

Next, we filled in the flowerbed with Catmint, yellow Tickseed, pink Jupiters Beard, yellow Yarrows and Purple Pikes Peak Penstemon. Outside the flower bed we planted an Agastache, white Potentilla and Blue Mist Spirea to help draw the eye to the colorful flower bed.

Irrigation was installed to all the plants. We laid down weed barrier, barked the bed and finished it off with 3/8" Sunset rose gravel.

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