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Options For Corner Plantings

Happy August from Desert Rose! While many view this month as the start of fall, but summer does not actually end for another month and a half! We still have lots of planting time left, so this month's blog will review some of the options you have with regards to corner plantings.

Corner plantings can be a tricky task since the plant or tree can only get a certain size before it starts rubbing against the stucco of your house or wall. This not only damages the plant but your structure as well. But never fear - there are trees that are specially bred to be thin and tall for these situations.

On that note, welcome to the world of columnar trees! These trees are great for corners, small spaces between walls, or even as a focal point in any backyard. Rather than growing wide and tall like a normal tree; columnar trees grow, well, like a column! There are a wide variety of these type of trees, both evergreen and deciduous (as a reminder, deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall). Here are some of Desert Rose’s favorites from both varieties:

- For evergreens we enjoy: Pyramidal Arborvitae, Columnar Norway Spruce, Leyland Cypress, Blue Point Juniper, and Skyrocket Juniper. All of these trees give year round privacy, and grow fairly thin and tall which make them perfect for corner plantings.

(Bonus tip: If you want to know more about these trees, a few of them were used for the “Plant of the Week" posts in late November, and early December of last year.)

- While there are fewer options, our favorite deciduous trees (which typically have beautiful fall colors) include: the Crimson Spires Oak, Columnar Golden Rain Tree, and the Poplar - out of this group, our favorite is the Crimson Spires Oak which turns an amazing red in the fall.

As side note, the Poplar is related to the Aspen but is different in many ways. The Poplar grows like a pillar, has a silver-white color on the bottom of the leaves and has a more bark like trunk, instead of the smooth, white trunk of the Aspen.

These are just some of the options you have if you want to plant a tree in a corner and there are always a wide variety of plants that can be trimmed and shaped to fit in those difficult corner spaces. If you still can't decide which is the best option for your yard give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the perfect plant or tree for your corner space!

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