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Transformation Tuesday 09/17/19

This particular Transformation Tuesday had a new wall and fire pit put up in the front yard and our client wanted some landscaping done to create a beautiful getaway in their front yard.

The client wanted a flagstone patio with large spacing between each flagstone - with this design feature, Turkish Speedwell could be planted between the gaps. They also wanted a water feature in the corner and a raised flowerbed surrounding the area.

The first step was to trench the footing for the landscape block to ensure a solid foundation for the block. Next was to level out the dirt. We ran the main irrigation tubing to the soon to be raised beds and dug out a holding pond for the water feature's reservoir. Once that was complete, we began stacking the landscape blocks for the raised bed and began filling the new flowerbed with dirt.

We amended the soil and added Waterwise plants, such as Jupiters Beard, Moonshine Yarrow, Sangria Yarrow, Poppy Mallow Wine Cups, and Hall's Honeysuckles. The flagstone pieces were cut for the patio, placed for spacing and leveled out.

Several trays of the Turkish Speedwell were planted pop up sprayers were hooked up nearby that would water them. We ran irrigation to all the plants, completed the water feature and spread bark in the beds to finish up this property.

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