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Transformation Tuesday 10/01/19

For this week, our client wasn't too happy with how their yard looked. They felt their yard looked bare and unfinished. When it rained, the yard turned into a muddy mess that often found its way into the house. Our client planted a tree to help add some life to the yard, but the mud was still an issue. They also felt that the patio was too small to entertain guests.

The first step of this transformation was to start trenching where the dry river bed would go. Dry riverbeds help guide the water coming off the canale to another area of the yard.

Once the trench for the dry river bed was done, we began trenching the area where the moss rock border would go. We cut to fit the moss rock and laid it in the trench. The moss rock is placed several inches below grade so that it cannot be easily knocked over.

Next, we began working on extending the patio using flagstone. Flagstone was cut to fit and laid on several inches of sand. The last step of this transformation was to spread the gravel. We chose 3/8" Rose Brown gravel to compliment the lighter colored flagstone and stucco of the house. We also used 1-2" river rock in the dry river bed instead of the 3-4" for a more uniform look.

At the end of it all, our client was very happy with the extended patio and most of all, they were excited to not have to deal with the muddy mess!

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