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Transformation Tuesday 12/24/19

This week, let's take a look at improving a client's pathway to their front door. The pathway was made of some flagstone steps but it was mostly dirt. Not only was it a tripping hazard, it also wasn't the greatest thing to look at leading up to the house.

The dirt was uneven with the left side of the pathway higher than the right side. Also, the canale was located next to the pathway, causing a muddy mess when it rained. Our client wanted to use the same color brick that was under the porch to help give the pathway a seamless look. They also wanted landscape block to run along the driveway to create a border between the wild grass and the driveway.

The first step in this transformation was to remove the old material: green metal edging, the old flagstone, and the railroad were dug up and removed. We saved the large piece of flagstone so we could re-purpose it at the bottom of the pathway. Once that was done, we had to level out the pathway and install the new brown metal edging.

The crew began working on the landscape block, beginning at the pathway. Once the area by the pathway was complete a part of the team continued to work on the block along the driveway while the others began to prep the pathway area for the brick.

A layer of base course was spread and tamped down, followed by a layer of sand. We were lucky enough to find some brick from a local supplier that closely matched the brick underneath the porch. Once the brick was brought to the job site the fun began.

The guys went to work laying the brick from the center outward, which helps the brick pathway have a more balanced look. After the brickwork was done, we spread crushed gray rock along the entrance of the pathway and placed the piece of flagstone that we saved as a step at the base of the pathway. The client was happy with how the project came out and looked forward to no longer tracking mud in the house!

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