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Transformation Tuesday 03/31/2020

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that your allergies aren't too bad! Stay safe, be happy.

The client wanted to have a large, flagstone patio that flowed out from the cement slab. They also wanted flagstone steps that looped around the house for ease of access around the property.

In order for us to keep the flagstone patio flush with the cement slab, we needed to divide the yard into three-tiers. This would allow each tier of the yard level, versus the flagstone patio being level and the rest of the yard sloped. We achieved this by using landscape block to build a 2 block tall mini-retaining wall at the beginning of each tier.

We started with marking all the areas where the block would go as well as measuring how much dirt needed to be, leaving enough room to put base-course sand, flagstone, and have the entire area flush with the cement slab.

Landscape block was brought and placed one block below grade to be used as the foundation. Once 2 levels were completed, we cut caps and glued them on the second level. The first level would be capped with flagstone as part of the patio.

After leveling the base-course, tamping it and leveling it again sand was spread and the flagstone patio started coming to life once piece at a time. All the pieces of flagstone patio were cut using a grinder, then hand chiseled to remove the even cuts lines. There was about fifty steps that needed to be cut, set and leveled.

The last step was to set the flagstone steps and level them. This transformation was complete and client loved the way the yard looked and to be quite honest, so did we!

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