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Weekly Tip 06/09/2020

Allergies and pollen, Oh My!

It all comes down to one thing: pollen. And what is the point of pollen?

Well, it's time to get uncomfortable and have that talk, yup, about the birds and, well mostly the bees. Pollen is produced by the male parts of a plant. The pollen is carried by the wind or bees to the female parts of a plant in order to create seeds and keep the plant's genetic lineage alive. The seeds are often on the inside of a fruit, berry, or some object (for the most part) that entices an animal to eat it.

Once eaten, it is carried inside the animal until the animal’s digestive system expels it. The seeds are often undigested and left in a pile of manure. This deposit creates a great starting place for a new plant to emerge in an area far away from its place of conception.

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