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Plant of the Week 02/26/2021

Muscari Zone 4-9

Thin, tubular foliage (think dandelion stems) emerges in early spring followed by small grape-like clusters of semi-round flowers. With the choice of blue, purple, white, or yellow, you can mix or match to give your yard the unique look you want. Flowers can reach 4-12" and smell like grape juice.

Muscari and hyacinth aren't related, but belong to the same botanical family and have very similar requirements, which makes them a great pair to plant together. The smooth, round flowers of Muscari look great next to the sharp, explosive flowers of a hyacinth.

Plant in full sun to partial shade, place bulbs 3 inches deep and at least 3 inches apart. Make sure to wear gloves when handling these bulbs since they also contain oxalic acid (a skin irritant). Water occasionally and be careful to not overwater since this plant is susceptible to root rot. Once flower is spent, cut stem down and leave the foliage to shrivel up (this allows the flower to gather energy for next year's bloom).


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