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Plant of the Week 06/11/2021

Gold Collection ® Merlin Hellebore Helleborus x hybridus 'Coseh 810' Zone 5-9

This variety of Lenten rose will add color to those shaded areas of your yard! The dark green, slightly serrated leaves have burgundy bottoms that create an unmistakable look. In the spring, the 5 petal blooms start as a light pink and transform into a shade of dark fuchsia. The bright yellow center adds a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the flower.

Plant in full to part shade. A slow grower that can reach 13" tall and 15" wide. Grows best in well-drained, enriched soil. When planting, ensure that the base of the plant is slightly above ground level. Cut old foliage for a cleaner look. Does best with a slow-release fertilizer. This plant is extremely tender and fragile so handle with care.


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