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Plant of the Week 12/18/2020

Western Catalpa Catalpa Speciosa Hardy to zone 4

Possibly one of the most beautiful shade trees that can be grown in Santa Fe, the Western Catalpa is always showing off. In the spring, huge, heart-shaped leaves cover the thick, heavy branches. All you see is the foliage.

Around June clusters of white bell-shaped flowers with splashes of dark maroon-purple on the inside appear and fill the air with a sweet fragrance. There are so many flowers it often looks like patches of snow on the large green leaves! Long, green bean stalks resembling green icicles soon appear and hang on the tree for the rest of the year.

In the fall, the green leaves turn yellow and the green pods begin to brown. Be ready to pick up lots of pods as they are constantly falling off the tree. Just keep in mind this is one of the last trees to leave out in the spring so be patient!

A moderate to fast grower that can reach 45' tall and 30' wide. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth.


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