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Question of the Week: Deer and Rabbit Resistant Plants

Q: I purchased plants that are deer and rabbit-resistant, but they are still getting eaten. Aren’t they supposed to stay away from these plants?

A: Here's the scoop - it's all about resistance, not a magic shield! While these plants are often a top pick for our furry friends, they might still take a nibble, especially if they're facing a veggie shortage in their diet.

But fear not! Combat the munchies by creating a plant fortress. Wrap your green buddies in a mesh hug as they grow, shielding them from curious critters.

Bittering sprays can help, but sometimes, a little extra protection goes a long way.

Remember, there's no foolproof plant against the gourmet taste buds of deer and rabbits, but with a touch of TLC and some creative defense strategies, you can keep your garden a sanctuary for your beloved plants!


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