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Question of the Week: Pruning Pointers

Q: I usually give my Chamisa and Russian Sage a trim in the Fall, but I missed it this year. Can I still prune them now?

A: Ah, the eternal pruning dilemma! While there's no universal rule for trimming, the timing might surprise you. That said, in our two decades of landscaping, we've found late fall/early winter cuts to be golden for next season's growth.

Got some wild and woolly Chamisa or Sage on your hands? You can snip them down to a mere inch or two above ground. Sounds drastic, but trust us—it's all about fostering that fresh, vigorous growth and getting rid of the woody woes.

We once had a client convinced we'd sent their plant to plant heaven with such a severe cut. But it bounced back with a lush vengeance the following season! Proof's in the pruning, folks.

Got a green query of your own? Shoot it our way!


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