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Rainwater Harvesting: Is a Cistern Right for You?

In this month's blog, we're diving into the ups and downs of using a cistern as a water source for your irrigation system. Picture a giant tank that holds hundreds to thousands of gallons—sometimes buried like a secret underground vault, other times proudly standing above ground. These reservoirs can be filled by rainwater, city supply, or even water trucked in. Some even have a clever setup where rainwater tops up the tank until a float (akin to your toilet's filling system) signals for city water to take over when needed.

The major perk? Collecting and reusing rainwater, if your cistern is set up for it. This can slash your water bill and eventually pay for itself. Fun fact: an inch of rain on a 2000-square-foot roof yields about 1200 gallons of water! That's not just free H2O—it's helping preserve our most precious resource.

But, hold onto your watering cans—the initial setup costs can be a tad steep. If your house already sports gutters, you'll need catch basins and piping leading to the cistern, plus a pump, filters, and a relay switch to keep everything flowing smoothly. Sediment buildup at the cistern's bottom can challenge even top-notch filters, so regular cleaning is key to avoiding hiccups.

We hope this blog gives you a clearer picture of whether a cistern-driven irrigation setup might float your boat. Happy watering!


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