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Transformation Tuesday 03/30/2021

This Transformation Tuesday involved a simple change that made a huge difference for this property. Our client had a brick patio that they loved very much BUT, there was only one problem - no plants to soften up the area.

The first step in this transformation was to remove the bricks from the area that would become a flowerbed (as seen in the picture). Once all the bricks were removed, it was time to take out the sand.

Although sand is a great base below brick, it is terrible soil for plants. Once the several inches of sand was removed we needed to refill the area with enriched soil that would be suitable for planting.

A nice variety of plants were chosen to fill the area that not only brought different colors and height but also great textures. The serrated leaves of the Yarrows contrasted greatly with the smooth blades of a Karl Forester grass. The plump, waxy leaves of a Jupiters Beard added to the flat leaves of a Black-Eyed Susan.

Once the planting was done it was time to add bark. We went with the natural look of walk on bark to complement the existing pinion trees that encircled the patio.

Once the client saw the transformation they were excited with the new, welcoming look the redesigned patio brought!


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