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Transformation Tuesday: A Muddy Mess into a Grilling Haven

In this project, we had a client who had an exterior door that led to a muddy mess, which often got tracked inside the house. They also wanted to create a grilling area in this space.

Step 1: Creating a Semi-Circle To make the area feel separate, we used landscape blocks to create a semi-circle around the door. This helped to define the space and gave it a cohesive look.

Step 2: Adding Dry River Beds To address the mud problem, we added dry river beds on either side of the door. These river beds helped to encourage water away from the area and into the holding pond. This helped to keep the area dry and clean, even after heavy rain.

Step 3: Applying Weed Barrier and Gravel The final step was to apply a weed-barrier and gravel to the area. This helped to prevent weeds from growing and added a clean, finished look to the space. Now, the client can use the area to grill without worrying about a muddy mess!

By using landscape blocks, dry river beds, and gravel, we were able to transform a muddy mess into a functional and attractive grilling area.


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