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Transformation Tuesday: An Elegant Entryway

Our client was not happy with how their entry looked: it looked bland and boring. The client wanted a large flagstone patio to make their entry more inviting and wanted to be able to sit outside and enjoy a nice meal with a simple, but a beautiful garden that complimented the Eldorado area.

The first step in this transformation was to clear out the existing area. This included the wild vegetation, the flagstone that was present, and the gravel. The flagstone patio was designed to butt up against the existing cement slab under the porch and extend throughout the walled area, leaving just enough space for a small flower bed. These pieces were fairly heavy and required at least two people to carry them.

The flowerbed was next: Coral Bells, Rocky Mountain Penstemons, and other shrubs and perennials were planted to add a nice variety of colors, bloom times, and textures to break up the hardness of the area. Walk on bark was added to the flowerbed to retain moisture, but also help to reduce weeds.

The final step was to clean up the area and this transformation was complete! The client enjoyed how much more welcoming the entrance to their home felt.


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