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Transformation Tuesday: FINALE!

This is the FINAL part of this large, wonderful project!

The client had a side courtyard entrance/exit that looked nice but the client wanted it to be renovated. The Lavenders were fairly large and starting to look a little scraggly. The client felt that the Crabapple tree had outgrown the area and was in the way of the walkway.

The first step was to remove the Lavenders and Hostas. Once those were dug out it was time to tackle the tree. Since it was a smaller area, the best way to remove the tree was to cut the branches to avoid damaging the wall or landscape lights. Next, we trenched the area and removed the soil around the base of the tree. Once the roots were exposed we cut them with the sharp end of the digging bar. We continued to do this until we could cut enough of the main root system to get the trunk loose enough to remove.

Rocky Mountain Penstemons, Oregon Grapes, Stonecrop, and some Aspens were planted in the area. We touched up the gravel and dry river bed were and gave the area a quick blow, wet the gravel and rock down and this transformation was complete!

The client loved their new yard and looked forward to showing it off to family and friends.


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