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Transformation Tuesday: Focal on the Pergola

Finishing up our 3 part series. With the pergola constructed and in place, it was time for us to get to work on the rest of the yard. We used the landscape block to create an upper and lower level for the yard. This helps to emphasize the pergola as the focal point of the area. The block was stacked 3 blocks high, as well as having 3 steps incorporated for ease of access.

Once the caps were installed it was time to work on the flagstone pathway and patio. The flagstone was cut to be loose-fitting, as opposed to the tight-fitting flagstone we installed on the bottom level. Loose fitting flagstone, where the grout lines are large enough for gravel, helps the flagstone flow and integrate with the gravel much better that the tight fitting, which appears as a much harder texture in a yard. Using a loose cut for the pathway and patio under the pergola, it helps to make the area appear more welcoming.

Next was the planting - we used a large variety of plants including Cone Flowers, Pine Leaf Penstemons, Powis Castle, Chaste Tree, Sedum, and Rocky Mountain Penstemon, to name a few.

The last step in this transformation was to roll out the weed barrier and spread the gravel. Once the gravel was smoothed out, we gave the entire yard a quick clean-up using a blower and this transformation was complete! Our client was excited with how different the yard looked and had a hard time believing this was the same yard!


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