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Transformation Tuesday: Hand Chiseling Flagstone

For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we went back with a client who had another area in their courtyard that they wanted to be addressed. They had a flagstone pathway that was cracking and falling apart. The client wanted the flagstone redone, as well as making the pathway larger. The client loved the color of the flagstone in the patio area and since it wasn’t falling apart, wanted to keep it. We agreed since the rusty tones of the flagstone added a lot of character to the area.

The first step of this transformation was fun since it involved demolition! We needed to remove the current flagstone pathway, the grass to the left of the pathway, and remove some of the grass to the right in order to make the pathway larger.

After we had our fun using picks, we had our team prep the area for flagstone (tamp, level, bring in sand) while the others began cutting and hand-chiseling the flagstone for the pathway. This pathway was a straight shot, but to prevent it from looking too boxy, we flared the area by the patio. Both sides of the pathway are flanked with 1-2" river rock, as well as the block surrounding the tree. The last step in this transformation was to bring in the same gravel to fill the area to the left of the pathway and this transformation was complete!

The client loved the finished, clean look of the courtyard and was impressed with how big of a difference this small transformation made!


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