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Transformation Tuesday: Papa’s Got A Brand New Yard!

This is a MASSIVE yard that was already landscaped, but the client wanted it redone. Their landscaping needed a pick-me-up and wanted it to feel like a brand new yard. There were several very mature spruce trees, and a few other plants the client wanted to save. Other than those two points, the client wanted everything brand new. We got to work!

As you can see in the before picture, there was a lot of material that needed to be removed before we could do anything. Railroad ties, mossrock, river rock, numerous plants, gravel, and debris all needed to be taken out before we could start our transformation. Once all the old material was removed, we had a nice clean slate to begin.

The first step in this transformation was to start laying the landscape block, using it to create several different levels. Not only did we use the landscape blocks to create raised flower beds, but we also used the block to make steps in order to provide access to the multi-leveled yard. There was a ton of landscape block used. Once all the block was leveled and cut, and the caps glued, it was time to do the finishing touches on the steps.

We hand-cut flagstone to top off the steps. This not only provides a smooth, even surface to walk on but gives the steps a beautiful look. The client wanted light planting in the flowerbed with some easy-growing plants: Hardy Plumbago and Ajuga, as well as some Lavenders, were placed. We filled the flowerbeds with bark lay down weed barrier and spread out the 3/8" Pueblo Rose and this transformation was complete.

Keep an eye out for next week's Transformation to see how the rest of the yard comes out!


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