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Transformation Tuesday: Part II - A Little TLC

The client's side yard was a blank slate of unscaped property. They wanted the area to have a flagstone patio with some plants to help make the area feel more welcoming.

This transformation started off with clearing out the existing flagstone pieces. We needed to level the area out to prepare it for the next phase of hardscaping. We installed the moss rock border first then on the flagstone patio.

We didn’t reuse the flagstone the client had for this patio for a couple of reasons:

1. Larger pieces of flagstone stay more level and 2. New pieces create less of a tripping hazard, 3. It also gives the patio a cleaner look.

Once the hardscaping was done it was time to plant. We placed a Flowering Plum in the corner for height and as a focal point, Honeysuckle against the fence, a mixture of Karl Forester's, Moonshine Yarrows, and Cotoneaster.

The last step in the transformation was to bark the flowerbeds and this transformation was complete! Keep an eye out for next week’s Transformation Tuesday to see how the rest of the yard comes out.


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