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Transformation Tuesday: Pavers All Day

The client had an area in their yard that was a work in progress. They had pavers and landscape blocks installed, but it was never quite finished, and really wanted this area to be finished so it was one less thing they had to worry about.

The first step was to remove everything. We brought in a couple of pallets of landscape block in order to create a raised bed for the trees. The blocks chosen have copper/earthy tones that contrast beautifully with the gray/blue tones. This coyote fence was fun to do because there were several height changes during the installation. If you look closely at the picture, you can see there is a natural slope from left to right, as well as a big drop to the level of the pavers. After the fence was installed it was time to do the pavers.

The pavers are the same color pattern as the landscape block, which helps give this area of the yard a uniform look. We placed weed barrier, then spread Santa Fe Brown on the upper level, and Pueblo rose on the lower level.


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