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Transformation Tuesday: Yard With The Perfect Views

This yard was absolutely huge! The property was located just a little outside of city limits, with beautiful views from every direction. The client wanted the entire yard graveled, including walkways from the entrance to the surrounding areas of their home. The builder had planted some Aspens, Cacti, and ornamental grasses. We submitted a design to the clients and with their approval, we got started!

The property was fairly flat; we didn’t have much prep work to do as far as leveling and prepping for gravel. We were able to start planting right away! Since the yard was mostly planted by the builder, we added a few more cacti. The client asked if it would be possible to move the Aspens because they wanted them a little further from the house. The trees were new - we warned our clients that we could not guarantee they will not go into transplant shock. Transplant shock can kill a plant/shrub/tree, and even when we do everything we can to prevent it, sometimes it still can happen. We were able to carefully dig up the Aspens, and transplant them with none of them going into shock (phew!)

Once all the plants were in it was time to bring in some large stones. We installed numerous character stones on the property, with some installed vertically. Next, we worked on the water feature. The rock was extremely heavy. We used a large dolly in order to place it where it needed to go. Once the spillover was adjusted to the client's liking, it was time to tackle the gravel.

The first step with the gravel was to install metal edging to separate the light from the dark gravel. Weed barrier was laid and we started to spread the gravel. Sierra Rose gravel first, then filled the pathway with the Mesa Blue gravel. With that, this transformation was complete!

The amount of material that went into this yard was astounding and the client absolutely loved the look of their yard!

Keep an eye out for next week's Transformation Tuesday for Part 2!


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