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10 Must-Have Tools (Part I)!

Happy October from Desert Rose! Welcome to Part I of our 10 must-have yard maintenance tools for homeowners. Whether you are a do-it-yourself person, or maybe just use us for quarterly clean-ups, these tools will help you keep your yard looking its best!

1.) A pair of sharp pruners

A sharp, clean pair of pruners is an absolute must for any homeowner! Whether it's deadheading your roses, cleaning up a shrub, or cutting fruit from a tree, a good pair of pruners will cut easily and get your yard looking the way you want. They even make pruners with mechanical advantage so less effort is needed to cut thicker material.

2.) A Blower (and earplugs)

Whether it is spring and the Elm seeds are everywhere, it is summer and your patio has debris from rain/hail, or fall has arrived and the leaves are covering your yard, a blower will save you time, effort, and be easier on your back than using a rake or broom. Depending on the size of the area you want to keep clean, you can pick up an economical, corded blower for around $30-$40. If you want to make your life even easier and not deal with cords, battery-powered blowers are the way to go. They can be more costly, but the convenience and anywhere capability are worth the price. If you have a large area or just want the most powerful blower, a gas-powered blower will provide you with all the power you need and some. Keep in mind there will be the smelly exhaust, as well as having to buy or mix gas and oil at a certain ratio per manufacturer. Lastly, do not forget to get yourself some earplugs! Whether it is a gas or electric blower, it will make enough noise to damage your hearing during use if you do not protect your ears.

3.) A push broom or hard rake

A large push broom is great for sweeping up debris, and a hard rake is great for raking up twigs and large debris, but both are great for leveling out walked on, and uneven gravel Want a more natural, smooth appearance to your gravel? Use the bristles of a push broom. Are you more of a perfectionist and want absolutely even gravel? Use the back of a hard rake to level your gravel to perfection.

4.) A hose

This one may seem obvious but is often overlooked. In past blogs, we have gone over proper watering habits and a hose will help assist you in watering plants. Not only can you have on-demand water, but you won't have to walk back and forth carrying a heavy watering can. We highly recommend getting a watering wand with a shut-off on it to help manage the flow of the water, as well as prevent water waste (and the shower setting is great to gently water your plants!).

5.) A bucket

A large bucket is an easy way to discard and toss debris. Trash bags can work as well but tend to tear and can be hard to manage.

Keep an eye out for next month's blog to see the rest of the list of recommended tools!

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