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Question of The Week 11/04/2017

A great question as we are heading into the cold winter season.

Q: I am thinking of planting pots for winter interest. What do you recommend?

A: For starters, make sure that the pots are not clay or ceramic as they might crack if they freeze, although we have not had an issue planting in clay or ceramic. Do not plant in plastic containers, they will definitely crack in the freeze. If in doubt, consider, wood or metal. Water the pots about every one to two weeks depending on if they are in the open or under a portal.

As far as plants, use dwarf spruces/pines, ivy, redtwig dogwood, or flowering cabbage. Also if you planted ornamental grasses in the spring, leave them in the pots. They give height and also add interest to the pots. If you plant perennials or dwarf spruces/pines and they winter over well, you can also transplant them into your landscape in the spring.

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