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Question Of The Week 01/13/2018

This great question was emailed to us last week. How fitting as the weather has gotten a bit colder:

Q: How often should I water during the winter month, especially since it has been a dry winter thus far?

A: You should water at least every 2 weeks. Water during midday since it is a bit warmer and the water can soak into the ground before it freezes. It’s important to water anything that was newly planted. as well as areas that get full sun or is exposed to windy conditions.

Use a hose to water. If you have an irrigation system, do not attempt to use it to water since it has already been winterized. Water slowly so it can soak in.

Use a sprinkler for larger areas and don’t forget to disconnect the hose from the hose bib and drain your hose so it does not freeze.

Happy watering!

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