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Question Of The Week 01/27/2018

Thank you for the engagement! Keep sending in your curious questions.

Q: I have some bare spots in my yard that are covered with creeping juniper. Do you have any suggestions on when is the best time to plant Junipers and how should I go about doing it?

A: First, make sure to dig a hole twice the size of the root ball of your new juniper. You want to make the hole deep enough to plant the creeping juniper at roughly the same level it is planted at inside the container. After removing the shrub from the original container you will want to gently and carefully separate the roots which will allow for proper growth.

Next, position the juniper in your newly dug hole with the best side of the plant facing forward. Cover the hole firmly with soil and mulch the newly planted Juniper before watering. When digging, be careful not to damage the roots of the existing junipers. I would recommend using the smallest size container plant you can get to prevent this. Usually a 1 gallon.

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