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Curb Appeal!

Desert Rose Landscape & Maintenance works frequently with realtors and individuals selling their homes. We provide a wide range of landscape and maintenance services, striving to help you attract potential buyers. At Desert Rose, we understand that first impressions are everything. Your home buyer’s first contact with potential properties starts in the front yard, and the investment of landscaping can help enhance first impressions of prospects. Better yards mean faster sales because 97.899% (who are the other 2.101%? :) of people want to buy a house that looks nice!

The term “curb appeal” is derived from the notion that potential buyers form their first impression of a property before they even get out of their car. Buyers may even drive by the house before booking an appointment, which is why it is important for properties to always be looking at their best. In our modern age, curb appeal starts with online photos - so have your front AND back yard looking welcoming before getting those online photos taken. Some areas to take into consideration with regards to curb appeal are the appearance of the lawn or landscaping, the pruning of trees and bushes, and the condition of hardscaping, such as walkways and planters. Additions of seasonal flowers and plants can have a large impact on property enhancement as can clearing away dead leaves and dangerous overgrowth.

Desert Rose has been in the landscaping business for 20 years and we understand the needs of Santa Fe properties. Our services includes professional landscaping and design, hardscaping, and grounds management. We can plant annuals and perennials on a seasonal basis as well as clear weeds to improve curb appeal. Our equipment is well maintained so as to insure you a timely service every time. We can create eye-catching properties that can help get buyers past the curb and into your home.

Big or small, first time on the market or or seasoned seller, please do not hesitate to contact us for any sized job you may be considering. In closing, Desert Rose Landscape & Maintenance can perform the job to your personal satisfaction!

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