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Phil's Favorite 02/24/2018

Keep those questions coming in!

Q: Can I grow camellias in Santa Fe - elevation is 7500 feet where I live?

A: Although I have not noticed them in our local nurseries, (most likely because I have not looked for them), there are a number of varieties of camellias that Monrovia carries.

Gardeners in colder climates can also enjoy camellias with the introduction of the Ice Angels series, among the coldest (-10 degrees) hardy camellias available.

Go to the Monrovia website and take a look at the varieties they have to offer. Some that are available up to a Zone 6 are “April Remembered” with its soft pink open blooms, “Spring’s Promise”, a vivid red bloomer with contrasting gold stamens, and “Winter’s Snowman”, forming pink buds that open to white and wine red colored new leaves add a touch of color and grace to zone 6 winter gardens.

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