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Question of the Week 03/03/2018

Spring is around the corner! Send us your questions to prepare.

Q: I just purchased a house and I don't know how to care for the ornamental grasses on the property. When should I cut them back and how?

A: Great question! We like to leave our ornamental grasses like Karl Foerster and Miscanthus grasses alone through the winter, even though they go dormant and brown.

They do provide great interest! We usually cut them back to about 2-3" from the ground each Spring so the new blades can emerge. You can use a hedger if you have one, if not, pruners will work just as well.

Now is about the time to do it - don't wait until the new growth starts; it will mix with the old growth and you will most likely be cutting new growth if you wait too long.

Keep sending in your questions!

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