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Question of the Week 04/28/2018

As May approaches, we have been getting a lot more questions regarding irrigation systems and water features. Make sure to talk to a professional (aka us here at Desert Rose!) before deciding to install and/or turning on your own!

Question of the Week:

Q: I have a water feature that I turned on and the water is just dribbling out.nIt was working great last year. What went wrong?

A: Could be a number of things. First thing I would do is make sure it has enough water. If it does, try cleaning out the holding pond as it might have collected a lot of debris.

In many circumstances, you will have to drain and clean it out. Dirt, sand, and debris could have built up during the winter or the filter may be clogged.

First open the access port - most of these have one when it was installed making it easier to access the pump.

After your cleaning, fill it back up with water and run the pump again. It SHOULD be running as usual now.

If the water is still not flowing right, unplug the pump. Run water with a garden hose in the hole where the water comes out of your water feature and let it run for a few seconds to clear out any debris that may be caught in the output line. That should hopefully take care of it.

If it is still not working, you will have to call a professional to come troubleshoot.

Have a wonderful day!

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