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How To Phase A Large Project

With summer upon us, you might be getting an itch to redo or install a new landscape project. This may sound like a great and exciting idea, but most people are surprised when they find out how much the project is going to cost. To do any landscaping project right, it takes time, money and planning, to include using a licensed contractor (See our January 2018 blog on “What to look for in a contractor”). Not only are people often surprised by cost, but they also get overwhelmed when it comes to the design and execution of a project, which are key elements in satisfaction with the end product.

When undertaking a large project, one of the questions that is almost always asked is if Desert Rose can “phase out” the project due to budget constraints - the answer is yes! Phasing out (i.e. the plan for design and execution) is the best way to know what your final project will look like, which will also help you save money in the long run. For example: If you are building a brand new home, and you have a general idea of your landscaping plans, make sure your building contractor installs sleeves (a sleeve is an empty pipe laid under sidewalks, driveways and courtyard walls). When it is time to run irrigation or outdoor lighting, your landscaper will not have to dig under the wall or sidewalk to run irrigation or wiring which will save on labor costs.

After coming up with a plan, you may want to phase the project in the following order, or combining the following items depending on your budget:

1. Removal of any unwanted surfaces and structures, general cleanup (if necessary)

2. Grading (ensures proper drainage)

3. Install Irrigation system (controls and main lines)

4. Hardscape: (terraced beds, rock work flagstone patios)

5. Planting: (trees, shrubs, perennials)

6. Run irrigation heads to plants, test system

7. Gravel or mulch

This is just a general list of how to phase a project. By choosing a licensed contractor you will create a realistic design, which stays within a budget of your choosing, as well as takes in consideration critical elements like irrigation needs and reduction of safety hazards. Phasing out your project will depend on what your budget is, what is in your landscape plan, and how soon you want the job completed. We can help you with those decisions! Happy Summer!

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