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Transformation Tuesday 07/03/2018

Transformation Tuesday!

Talk about a large scale project. We will break this down into 3 parts to showcase some of the changes that were made.

Our client started off with a very plain courtyard that contained a very large raised bed that took up the entire length of the courtyard as well as sticking out 8 feet in width.

The raised bed was overtaken by overgrown Russian Sage, so much so that the plants started coming out of the sides. A stamped concrete pathway leading up to the front door and grey river rock took up the remainder of the courtyard.

After doing a complete overhaul (removing the Russian Sage, moss rock flowerbed, concrete pathway, gravel, and all the dirt in the raised bed so we could get to the roots of the Russian Sage), we finally had a clean blank slate.

We started by rebuilding the flower bed, adding curves and making it about 4 feet wide, filling it with new soil. A flagstone pathway was constructed next to it along with a small flagstone patio. Next, an irrigation system was put in alongside with Xeric plants, a cactus garden, and finished with gravel bark. The water feature was fixed to get it working again.

The clients ran wiring for outdoor lighting to add a nice finishing touch.

The final results were absolutely amazing. The final photo was taken about 3 months after the completion of the project.

Questions about anything you see? Give us a call.

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