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Question of the Week 07/21/2018

Question of the week:

Q: With the recent rain we have received, the weeds have taken off on my property. After pulling all weeds with roots from the area that I have covered with riverrock, what is the best way to keep weeds from coming back?

A: I am assuming that you do not have weed barrier under the rocks. The best way would be to remove the rocks, put a weed barrier and retirn the rock.

If you have a lot of dirt in the rock you removed, you may want to get new rock since the dirt most likely has seeds in it and once you put the rock back, you will have issues with weeds growing on top of the weed barrier.

Another option, is use a product called Preen that can be scattered over the area to control the weeds. Weed seeds that are in the soil will continue to germinate. Preen prevents them from growing, but do not completely eliminate the weeds.

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