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Protecting Your Home from Flooding

After the severe rainstorm we had a couple of weeks ago, I am sure that flooding is on most of our minds. Some of us (including myself) suffered minor to major flooding damages to their homes or businesses. The short but intense rain storms and flash flooding that New Mexico is prone to happen as a result of too much rain hitting the ground too quickly for the ground to absorb.

These conditions are especially true when the ground is too dry - Santa Fe and the surrounding areas were ripe for this situation due to our ongoing drought. So when we receive more than 2 inches of rain in 15 minutes, the ground cannot absorb the deluge, and torrents of water form in our arroyos, roads, and sometimes our living rooms.

That being said, here are a few points to consider in the event that mother nature decides again to deliver us 3+ inches of rain in a few short hours.

- Slope soil away from your home's foundation - this includes the areas under raised decks and porches. - Keep gutters clean of debris and ensure your down spouts carry water far enough away from your foundation by adding additional drainage sites and a splash block. - Set up a downspout to empty into a rain barrel. Using rain barrels for rain water storage also reduces the cost of watering your plants. - For homes with canales, you can create a “dry stream” using river rock to create an attractive riverbed that runs away from the house and helps channel the water where you want it to go. - If terrain slopes toward your home, you can create water channels using rock, metal, or straw bales, etc. or contact Desert Rose for a consult to decide on the best drainage methods for your property. - Landscape your yard and gardens with plants and vegetation that will minimize soil erosion. - Keep storm drains near your home clear of leaves and debris. - Keep sand bags handy so you are not caught off guard - these are often available through your local fire department.

Last but not least, check online for different types of flood barriers including quick dam or Slot-in flood barriers to use around entry ways. Watching water pool around your home and eat away at your hard earned landscaping is a frustrating and helpless feeling, so don’t get caught unprepared! By taking the above steps, you can not only save your plants but your property as well. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local experts at Desert Rose Landscape!

Happy Monsoon season!

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