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Question of the week 09/01/2018

Question of the week:

Q: I want to get a coyote fence put up but I am confused with which type of wood posts to go with. Can you give me some guidance?

A: Of course! When it comes to coyote fences, it can be confusing because there are a few types of posts commonly used.

We always suggest using red cedar - it is the most durable but it is also the most expensive.

Spruce is the next type - it isn't nearly as durable as red cedar, but it is more cost efficient. If you use spruce, always use red cedar for your main posts since they are more rot resistant.

The last type of post used is aspen. We do not recommend using these posts, although they are cost-efficient, the softwood can snap easily in a strong gust of wind.

We hope this information helps!

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