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Question of the Week 11/24/2018

Q: Why do I need a year-round contract for maintenance? I feel like there is no need for service in the winter.

A: This is an understandable question!

When we look at our yards in the winter, there doesn’t seem like there is much need for yard work. However, there is plenty of work to be done.

During spring, summer, and fall we focus on making sure your yard and plants look at their best. Many factors go into how much stuff we can get done during these busy months. Extra rain results in a ton of weeds, which causes us to change our priorities for your property.

The winter months, we focus on things we had to push back, such as fixing dry river beds, cleaning the base of each plant, and several other things depending on your yard's needs. A typical visit in the winter includes hand watering plants, raking beds and gravel areas, picking up debris, blowing the property, and if there is any time left over we focus on the things that got pushed back as mentioned earlier.

If there is anything else you would like us to focus on during the winter, please let us know!

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