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Plant of the week 02/22/2019

Pinus mugo pumilio - Zone 2-8

Dark green pine needles cover dense branches to form this compact growing shrub. This slow growing evergreen can reach up to 5' tall and 10' wide in ten years. However, it can be pruned in early spring to keep the desired size and shape.

Plant in full sun and water regularly. Deer resistant and easy to care for, Dwarf Mugo Pine looks great in almost any yard.

Tip: Dwarf Mugo Pines are great in pots as well. Plant in spring with colorful annuals to highlight the texture of the pine needles. In late fall remove annuals and leave the Dwarf Mugo Pine as a single specimen or plant holly in the pots for a more festive look.

Once the Dwarf Mugo Pine gets too big for the pot, transplant anywhere that gets full sun in your yard!

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