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Question of the Week 03/09/19

Q: What services do I receive with a maintenance contract?

A: With a maintenance contract you are receiving a certain amount of man hours based on your individual contract. The time is used to deadhead plants, pull weeds, rake gravel and beds, water if needed, blow the property, remove debris and make your property look as nice as it can within the allotted time period.

Our crew will get as much done as they can each visit. If there is anything special relating that you want to be completed during your visit, please let the crew know when they get there.

If you want your property fertilized or additional plants added please call the office and let Phil know so we can get the materials needed and if there will extra charges for material or time spent it can be discussed before the planned visit. There are additional charges for fertilizing (material and any extra time spent).

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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