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Transformation Tuesday 03/26/19

This transformation was a newly built house that had nothing but dirt and weeds for a backyard. The client wanted low maintenance and clean but lush look.

First, we removed all the weeds and laid the main tubing down for the irrigation. We planted a lot of xeric plants to give the client that lush look while being water-wise. We didn’t plant anything within several feet of the flagstone patio to prevent the yard from ever looking overgrown and cluttered.

Next, we placed a couple of dry river beds to help the water leave the yard and to prevent any water damage to the landscape. Clumping the purple plants in groups of threes (Russian sage and two different varieties of lavender) allowed emphasis to the purple colors in the yard.

We mixed in some Mugo pines for year-round interest, thread grass, Agastache, and a smokebush to help balance out the purple in the yard. In addition, we added a desert willow and several other trees close to the wall to add height to the yard without blocking any of the other plants.

We finished off the yard with Sunset Rose gravel to compliment the earthy tones of the stucco, wall and flagstone patio.

From bare sand to a private oasis, this was an incredible project.

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