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Transformation Tuesday 04/16/2019

In this week's Transformation Tuesday, our client wanted to complete their landscape that had been started several years ago. The client wasn’t too sure what she wanted, but she knew she wanted her yard to look finished.

We started off by creating a custom circular moss-rock flowerbed as a focal point when you first enter the yard. The client had a piece of petrified wood that added height since she only wanted low growing plants in the flowerbed. We removed all the weeds and most of the plants from the yard.

Next was to level the dirt to an even, downward slope. We laid down a layer of weed barrier to help control erosion and to prevent the dirt from mixing with the gravel. Dry river beds were added to help control the water coming off of the roof. A few more rows of moss-rock were installed to the lower area to help raise the height of the area to keep the downward slope from being too steep.

Jupiter's Beard, Karl Forester, catmint, and coneflowers were planted to add a balance of color and low maintenance plants. The final touches included repairing an existing irrigation system so all the plant's water needs were taken care of without extra work form the client.

What are your thoughts on the final look?

See you next week!

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