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Transformation Tuesday 05/14/2019

In this week's Transformation Tuesday, we had a client who had some stairs in the back yard that were usable but didn’t quite have the finished look she was looking for. Over time the dirt started covering up small flagstone steps that were set inside rail road ties and the mossrock beds were falling over and needed to be reset.

The first thing we did was remove the larger size gravel and reused it by spreading it over the front driveway. Next, the railroad ties and mossrock beds were removed.

We cut-tp-fit the pieces of mossrock for a cleaner, more sturdy look. Flagstone was also cut to fit the newly installed mossrock steps. Spanish brooms and other low maintenance plants were planted with irrigation installed.

The newly built beds were filled with a layer of mulch to conserve water, reduce weeds, and complete the look the client was looking for. Finally, the lower area was leveled out with the installation of weed barrier and smaller sized gravel.

The client was excited that they would no longer track in dirt and mud into their house when going to the lower level of their backyard.

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