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Plant of the Week 06/14/2019

Perovskia atriplicfolia - Zone 4-9

Also known as Russian Sage, clusters of wispy lavender-blue flowers cover tall, white stems to create a unique shrub that will add a distinct beauty to any yard.

Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth. A moderate grower that can reach 4 feet tall. This plant sends out clone shoots (a.k.a. suckers) that can quickly spread the plant into unwanted areas. If a tidy look is desired pull or clip the clone shoots as soon as they pop up or plant in an area that you do not mind if it spreads.

Deer, pest and disease resistant. Does well in any well drained soil. Waterwise and can tolerate shorter periods of drought. Cut back to 1/3 of plants height in late fall for a cleaner look the following year. Attracts bees and butterflies while blooming in the summer. This plant has a distinct smell that some people may enjoy.

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